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Strong growth for Agidens

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Strong growth for Agidens in 2016, also this year more than 50 job vacancies

Agidens has grown strongly in the past year. Next to hiring 100 extra employees, the sales has risen with more than 50% up to 90 million euro. This year too, the company has more than 50 job vacancies. With the launch of product innovations and the continued development of the offices abroad, Agidens expects further growth in the coming years as well.

CEO Geert Stienen explains how the growth was achieved: “As a technological company we benefit from the digitization in the industrial and infrastructure markets. To stay competitive many industrial companies make the shift to automated processes. Next to that, the markets in which we are active, such as life sciences, food & beverage and chemicals are ever more subject to environmental, safety and health legislation. The growing importance of the internet of things, big data and factory of the future are trends in which the expertise of our company is of great added value for customers and partners. Our solutions help to keep our customers on track. Like our baseline says: progress brings us together.”

Internationalisation and innovation

Two other pillars for growth are innovation and internationalization. Geert Stienen: “We were able to win large infrastructure projects in The Netherlands. We are automating, for example, the Beatrix lock, wich is the largest of the country. In our other neighbouring countries as well, we have offices that will deliver growth in the coming years.”

On the other hand, the company launches new software solutions for the Tank Terminal market. “I strongly believe in innovation and co-creation. Together with the University of Leuven and one of our customers we have developed an innovative product which has been launched in March. Innovations and collaborations like these give us the possibility to continually find new markets and to keep a technological advantage over the competition”, says Geert Stienen

More than 50 job vacancies in 2017

The large demand for engineers is a challenge for Agidens too. CEO Stienen: “We are constantly looking for technical people in different areas: software, electricity, bio chemistry, etc. These people are very wanted on the job market. For starters as well as for experienced engineers, we have challenging jobs. But in the long term we have to collaborate with the sector and with governments to see how we can prepare youngsters for the job market of the future.”