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ATALK shortens intervention time at GADOT Group Ghent

GADOT Group - Belgium
Market Bulk Liquid Storage
Scope Critical alarm messages
Country Belgium

GADOT Group (formely VLS-Group) wanted to increase the safety procedures at its terminal in Ghent and shorten the intervention time of cricital alarms. Agidens implemented ATALK, a unique and patented (pending) safety technology that enables critical alarm messages to be sent immediately to the responsible operators on site via their walkie talkie.

Chemical logistics company GADOT Group, with branches in Antwerp, Ghent, the Dutch city Pernis and the German cities Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, is specialised in fuel and diesel additives, viscosity improvers and oil blending. GADOT Group has a tank storage capacity of one hundred thousand cubic meters, chemical reactors and blending tanks. They offer a full range of facilities, from storage, filling, production, custom facilities to transport services.

Before the introduction of ATALK at GADOT Group’s site in the port of Ghent, they received all overfill protection alarms as one common alarm. Rudy De Decker, Technical Project Manager at GADOT Group: “This made it confusing for the operator, which meant he could not intervene immediately because he had to look up the tank first. As Agidens was already our prefered partner for automation projects on site, we discussed the project together.”

ATALK as the ideal solution

Together with GADOT Group, Agidens developed ATALK – a unique safety technology which sends critical alarm messages directly to the walkie talkie of the responsible operators on site. By using the ATALK system, manual actions to transmit these messages are no longer required, thus reducing delays and potential humon error. De Decker: “Now we receive the critical alarms piece per piece, so each tank independently and named. The operator is now able to intervene much faster, which drastically reduces the safety risk.”