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Migration of process control system for LBC Tank Terminals

LBC - Belgium
Market Bulk Liquid Storage
Scope Migration Automation Platform
Country Belgium

Seeing that the existing automation system of LBC Tank Terminals plant in Antwerp had become obsolete, LBC contacted Agidens for the migration of the existing system (Cube) to a new and modern automation platform. Agidens took up the challenge and migrated the system to PlantPAx, an open standard Rockwell Automation platform.

Challenges in migration projects

The LBC terminal is a 24/7 operation in which any disruption needs to be avoided. The migration to the new Rockwell Automation system needed to be completed within one weekend. We set up a clear migration strategy with fall back scenarios to avoid unnecessary downtime.

The existing remote I/O was re-used including all field wiring but we also introduced Ethernet/IP as the new unified IT structure. The new Allen-Bradley ControlLogix system was installed parallel to the existing controller enabling a fallback scenario in case the new application would not fulfil all requirements. Next to that, LBC defined some clear user requirements for the Process Automation System:

  • Open standards in hard- and software
  • High availability
  • High integrity, integrated Safety
  • Secure information management in the process control environment
  • Safe and easy to use operator consoles in classified areas
  • High maintainability
  • Prepared for future requirements, extensions and functionality

Safety, availability and maintainability

Based on the requirements set by LBC, Agidens proposed to migrate the existing control system to PlantPAx, a modern Distributed Control System that includes the use of the Rockwell Automation Library of Process Objects conform ISA101. We thereby focused on:

High availability

With the increased automation level in the terminal, operations become heavily dependent on the availability of the process control environment. Consequently system servers are fully redundant.

Integrated safety

To fulfil Seveso, Vlarem and other regulations involved, the system is equipped with integrated SIL functionality according IEC 61508/IEC61511.

Open standards

We used the standard available functionality of the Rockwell Automa-tion PlantPAx Library of Process Objects and limited custom made software development to enable easy updating/upgrading and to reuse it as a standard for other LBC sites.

Information security and maintainability

The system architecture set-up on informa-tion security has been designed in close cooperation with Rockwell Automation and the IT division of LBC HQ with main focus on integrity, availability and confidentiality.

Rockwell Factory Talk Asset Centre

A Rockwell Factory Talk Asset Centre will be installed on the decentralized servers enabling centralized management of the process control environment offering:

  • Centralised user management and application back-up services including version control
  • Audit-trail on (operator) actions


Our process automation division’s main focus is on safety, reliability and flexibility. We design and construct solutions that are easy to use but still fully compliant. At LBC we delivered A to Z services for a migration of the process control system to a Rockwell platform.

  • Fallback scenarios were drawn up but seemed unnecessary.
  • Successful handover of the system to operations and maintenance personnel. The terminal is fully operational, providing the functionalities described by LBC.
  • Seeing that the system is open standard and that it has an integrated SIL functionality, we can say that the terminal is ready for the future.