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Secure Remote Services

Increasingly high demands are being placed on production, and the availability and product criteria play an important role. As a result, industrial installations are increasingly automated, resulting in them becoming more and more complex. External expertise for maintenance of these installations is crucial. Agidens offers a Secure Remote Service that allows fast diagnosis without us having to go the client site.

Agidens Secure Remote Service: a secure and convenient solution

Our standard Secure Remote Service solution comprises an industrial VPN device that connects with secure servers in the cloud. The Agidens Infra Automation engineers also connect with these same servers via their VPN software. The user management on these servers ensures that only authorized engineers are able to connect to client networks. The data sent via this VPN connection is encrypted from the VPN device all the way to the engineer. This ensures that the data cannot be intercepted.


  • A sophisticated service concept that combines availability, stability and security.
  • You decide, by flicking a switch, when the VPN connection becomes active.
  • In most cases, no network changes are needed.
  • A structured service with no separate or fragmented solutions.
  • Provides central management of service machines.
  • Virtual service machines are accessible from the Agidens network. Servicing can be carried out in-house using the VPN connection to the Agidens network.

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