Upgrades & Migrations in process automation

Upgrades & Migrations

Outdated automated systems can cause many problems: system expansions are no longer possible, the installation no longer meets the legislation, the support is no longer guaranteed or the maintenance costs continue to rise. A migration or update is in many of these cases recommended or even necessary.

Migrations are aimed at increasing the efficiency, the availability of an installation and its service life. Agidens makes your installation up to date: old parts are updated or replaced if necessary. Agidens Life Sciences takes care of migrations and upgrades of complete automation systems or of one or more components: PLC/SCADA, electrical installations and panels, communication cards and drivers and MES/MOMS.

Migration in 3 steps


The first phase is an assessment of the existing systems and functionalities. First of all, all hardware and software are listed. After this all functionalities (formula controls, communication, grafcet controls etc.) and backups are examined. Does the customer have knowledge of the process? What is the status of the documentation? We examine the maximum time the migration may last: is a lengthy stoppage possible or should there be a phased conversion? A detailed assessment forms the basis for a successful migration.

Setting up a migration plan

During this phase the collected information is related to one another. This results in one or more possible solutions. In consultation with the customer we select a new automation system and determine the standards it has to meet. A number of areas that are focussed upon:

  • Risk assessment: what are the consequences and risks associated with an upgrade? Are there any consequences for the other infrastructure? Does the stoppage impact the operational process?
  • Concept: selection of the new systems, software or components. We migrate, for example, the entire system or only the CPU (and not I/Os) and we select the communication technology.
  • Planning:: we avoid a ´big bang´ approach and determine verifiable sub-projects. In addition, we put together an action plan and assign concrete milestones.

We start the actual migration with a well thought-out and clearly communicated plan. In this phase we carry out the detailed engineering and implement the new automation system (hardware and software). Comprehensive testing, both off-site (FAT) and on-site (SAT), guarantees a smooth transition to the new system. If possible allow a fallback scenario to enable a return at any time to the old (or a workable) situation.

We provide for this the necessary as-built documentation and manuals with descriptions of the changes: other programme language, new communication protocol, electrical diagrams, operator manuals, etc. A professional maintenance team provides 24/7 support.

Agidens Life Sciences for upgrades en migrations

  • Agidens has a large engineering capacity. We carry out small and large-scale migrations and provide the necessary continuity for this (a large team guarantees a smooth progress of the migration process).
  • We are a recognised integrator of various automation systems: Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Wonderware, GE, Schneider, etc.
  • A special maintenance team is trained to provide 24/7 service support to our customers.
  • Agidens searches together with the customer the best solution and with a top quality delivery aims for a long-term relationship.
  • Our project approach guarantees a timely delivery. We are used to carrying out migrations and upgrades during brief shutdowns.
  • We ensure there is an increased availability of the system. In this way your installation can be brought to order in accordance with the applicable safety conditions.

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