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Expansion and automation of production plant

Acotec NV - Belgium
Market Fine Chemicals
Scope Automation, Expansion and automation
Country Belgium

Acotec produces a variety of anti corrosion coatings that are used in offshore industries, energy, shipping, petrochemicals, etc. To support the high demand of their core product Humidur, Acotec needed facilities that allow to produce high quantities. Agidens took on the challenge and delivered an A to Z automated production plant.

The success of the product Humidur inspired Acotec to review its manual production process and to consider the construction of a completely new and automated production plant. Therefore, Agidens and Acotec gathered all necessary information (process data, ingredients, recipes, etc.) and performed a study on the possible solutions for the capacity increase.

Results of the study

The study was performed in close collaboration with the customer and provided Acotec with all information necessary to start the actual execution:

  • Basic design including detailed budget of the project
  • Set up drawings of the plant
  • Selection of components
  • Hard and software selection
  • Optimization proposals
    • Replace existing mixer by vacuum Ystral pump
    • New cleaning product to avoid ATEX conditions
    • Alternative blending vessel
    • Adding of powders by vacuum-mixing pump in stead of manual procedure via manhole

Acotec chooses for constant growth and therefore brings high quality coatings to the industrial market by the name of HUMIDUR. Agidens is the right partner to implement cost efficient solutions in our production process. In the long term, these solutions allow us to lower the risks and to safe money and time.

Frederic Van Haute, Acotec NV

Materials used

Agidens assisted Acotec in choosing the right materials, components, software etc. to be able to create an optimal production process.

  • Endress & Hauser: level switches, transmitters, etc
  • Mettler Toledo: dynamic weighing blending vessel
  • Rockwell Automation:
    • PLC ControlLogix
    • Flex IO
    • Ethernet/IP network
    • Powerflex 70 frequency drives

Process and mechanical engineering

The production of the epoxy coating offers various challenges, Agidens offered a solution to every issue:

  • The product has an extremely high degree of viscosity which influenced the process concept
  • The process has to be adjusted to the tendency of the product to clot
  • Solution for mixing of the powders in the resin
  • Dosing of coating is done by means of weighing
  • Lack of available space led us to use low and wide vessels onlegs that can be disassembled
  • Vessels in leakage trays for compliance with environmental legislation

Software engineering

Agidens took care of the entire software engineering and provided Acotec with the following functionalities:

  • Batching
  • Registration of ingredients
  • Weighing/dosing
  • Mixing
  • Filling
  • Cleaning
  • Information of vessels and pumps
  • Trending
  • Alarm and user management


Agidens designed, built and commissioned a highly automated production plant:

  • Minimal number of manual production steps
  • Possibility of copying the production plant in other parts of the world
  • Improved blending process for the powders
  • Easier for Acotec to reach the viscosity degree of the product
  • Easier and safer process control for operators
  • Ready for expansion with extra mixing unit