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Liquid fertilizer plant for DCM

DCM - Belgium
Market Fine Chemicals
Scope E&I engineering, Software engineering
Country Belgium

To meet the growing demand for liquid fertilizers, DCM (De Ceuster Meststoffen) contacted Agidens to scale-up their current facility and to move it to a new location. After an extensive basic engineering study, DCM opted to build a full new plant at the new location. Agidens, in close cooperation with the client, took care of the process design, mechanical engineering and E&I engineering. As the EPCM contractor, Agidens took over the entire project management. The E&I and software engineering were done by DCM themselves.

DCM wants to provide optimum support to all hobby gardeners and professional landscapers with high-quality, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. DCM has over 45 years’ experience in developing, producing, and selling all sorts of fertilizers (in powder, pellet and liquid form). The quality of the fertilizers is valued all over the world by professionals and gardening fans alike.

Pascal Mangelschots, engineering manager at DCM: “Our liquid fertilizer plant was no longer compliant with the current legislation on safety. We also saw a great demand for liquid fertilizer so we decided to revamp the plant, move it and increase its production capacity. With its knowledge on complete processes, safety and ATEX, Agidens profiled itself as the chosen partner with which to join forces”.

Scope Agidens

Advice & Consulting

Process Design & Engineering

including equipment purchase

Mechanical Engineering

E&I Engineering

Safety Engineering

Mechanical Construction

Mechanical construction

State-of-the-art plant

Pascal Mangelschots: “From the beginning, Agidens helped us correctly assess the potential problems and challenges that could appear over the course of the plant’s revamp. They gave us a detailed overview of all potential scenarios with associated cost estimates. Thanks to the study, we could easily determine what aspects were important to us and had a better insight into the costing”.

Dorien Margiela, Project Manager, Food & Fine Chemicals at Agidens: “After an extensive basic engineering study, it became patently clear to us that it would be more efficient to build an entirely new plant at the new location. DCM agreed with us and the project was divided into different phases so that the client had the time to make informed process decisions on the various aspects. The powder transport aspect was only detailed when the liquid phase was already fully worked out. This project took a lot of account of flexibility in the recipes and the potential extension to other different raw materials”.

Full review of processes

The existing processes were fully reviewed for the new plant, in complete compliance with the current legislation on safety and ATEX.

  • New storage tanks for the basic raw materials (liquids)
  • New dosing system that takes product from tanks, IBCs, drums and jerrycans
  • Storage and transport of the basic raw materials in powder form
  • New reactor for mixing all raw materials
  • Transport of processed products to the new intermediate storage tanks and to the filling lines

During the entire project, Agidens was flexible and thanks largely to the phased approach, we succeeded in building a new plant that we can be proud of. It is a great piece of craftsmanship that will keep us going for at least 15 years even if the demand for liquid fertilizers continues to increase.

Pascal Mangelschots, Engineering Manager at DCM

Why Agidens?

Agidens differs from other industrial service providers thanks to its in-depth process knowledge. Our solutions have been developed on the basis of more than 30 years’ experience in the fine chemicals sector.

Whatever the factory’s specific design and software systems, Agidens always delivers integrated systems that excel in terms of flexibility and are fully compliant with the highest standards.

A collaboration with Agidens has other advantages:

  • Consultation, turnkey solutions, and maintenance by one party.
  • Platform-independent: solutions with Rockwell, Siemens, GE, and Wonderware (Schneider Electric).
  • Standardized solutions guarantee a swift design and construction process
  • Extensive experience and knowledge of manufacturing under GMP conditions, which enables us to meet the specific requirements regarding quality, hygiene, and traceability.
  • Expertise in specific processes such as mixing, blending, storage, extrusion, pneumatic transport, etc.

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