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MEScontrol.net solution for Findus Sweden

Findus - Sweden
Market Food & Beverage
Scope MES
Country Sweden

Findus is one of the largest food producing companies in Scandinavia and the largest frozen food producer in Europe. To increase its effiency and logistical capacity, Findus has built a new energy efficient factory and cold storage facility in Bjuv (Sweden). Agidens integrated a BrightEye MEScontrol.net solution that connects both of them with the existing facilities and software systems.

The Findus site in Bjuv consists of three production facilities (the new Pouch Pack, Ready to Eat Meals and Vegetables) and three storage sites (the new cold store, Storage 315 and spice warehouses).

The complete MES solution for all these facilities will be integrated in four different phases that take place within a period of 4 years time. In the first phase Findus looked for a state of the art and flexible software solution that could:

  • Support the setup of a new factory in Bjuv for pouch packing
  • Handle a direct integration between the pouch pack factory and the new cold store
  • Handle the internal logistic flow between the new cold store and the existing Bjuv factories
  • Integrate with existing ERP systems and the new cold store
  • Meet high SLA demands with 24/5 production

All this had to be realized within 9 months time. Next to that Findus looked for a strategic partner that could further implement MES also in RTEM/VEG factories. Agidens took care of the project and also found an approach on how to integrate an MES application between existing ERPs and towards a new automated high-bay cold store.

MEScontrol.net by brighteye

Agidens proposed a solution based on BrightEye software MEScontrol.net. This is a modular software suite with Manufacturing Execution and Warehouse Management functions.

This multi-site open structure software, based on industrial standards (ISA-95, B2MML, OPC) is fully developed in Microsoft.NET which makes it easy to deploy in small, medium and large enterprises. It suits discrete, batch, continuous processes and logistical processes.

Integrated MES functionalities

Agidens took care of the entire integration of the MEScontrol.net solution

Interface with the new Cold Store WMS

Interface with MOVEX ERP (Orders and masterdata)

Internal logistics between factories and cold store

Scheduling order on production lines

for existing factory RTEM (Ready To Eat Meals) and VEG (VEGetarian meals)

Functionalities for the new Pouch Pack facility

  • Detailed production planning, including planning of shared manufacturing resources, especially the dosing & lift equipment at PP, Premix stations, work centres.
  • Material planning and call-off
  • Ensuring correct line configurations and printer labels
  • Production order and work order dispatching
  • Production performance and traceability
  • Support of change management for production and material


  • Just in time call off from pallets out of cold store ensures minimized WIP inventory
  • Automatic setup of the machines ensures high reliability
  • Automatic scheduling of internal logistics increases efficiency of truck drivers
  • Logging of production data ensures full traceability
  • Automatic scheduling increases higher flexibility in production (e.g. handling rush orders,…)
Better control of the logistical flow with MEScontrol.net