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Renovation of the St Anna’s tunnel

Vlaams Gewest - Belgium
Market Infra Automation
Scope Tunnel
Country Belgium

St Anna’s tunnel is a pedestrian and bicycle tunnel that runs under the river Scheldt in the city of Antwerp. Its construction started in 1931 and the tunnel opened in 1933. The 572 meter lond tunnel connects the city of Antwerp with Linkeroever (the left bank) and is equipped with an elevator and 4 authentic wooden escalators on both sides. The monitoring and control of the tunnel takes place both locally and remotely and was automated by Agidens Infra Automation in 2002. In 2009, the drive of the escalators was renewed followed by a complete renovation of the escalators’ frequency drive in 2018.

Agidens Infra Automation carries out the St Anna’s tunnel project as an EPCM contractor and was therefore responsible for the engineering, preparation with an extra focus on safety, and the implementation of the escalators’ new frequency drive.

The implementation included securing the parts to be replaced, disconnecting the old drive, placing the new drive, and the commissioning and delivery. After implementation, Agidens remained responsible for the maintenance of the new installation for two years.