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In need of (temporarily) expertise?

Many of our customers where we set up improved processes need experts who will take care of the work for a longer period of time after the implementation. From this our branch for daily support has grown.

Also looking for (temporary) specialists in Maintenance & Reliability, OPEX and Energy? Our employees are well trained and use the knowledge, tools and methodologies of Agidens, and offer support in the daily work. We always ensure that the assignment is carried out by an expert with the necessary experience in the field.

Maintenance & Reliability
  • Reliability engineer, consultant or specialist
  • Support engineer
  • Asset (maintenance) specialist or engineer
  • Maintenance (planning) personnel, engineer, manager of supervisor
  • Planner
  • Shutdown coordinator or consultant
  • Turnaround engineer, coordinator or specialist
  • Trouble shooter expert
  • Technical administrator, expert or consultant
Operational Excellence
  • Production manager or specialist
  • Lean Management consultant & expert
  • Lean Manufacturing or Service expert
  • Green and Black Belt consultant & specialist
  • Lean Six Sigma consultant
  • Continuous Improvement manager
  • Reliability engineer, consultant or specialist
Energy & sustainability
  • Energy consultant
  • Sustainability & environmental consultant

Countless advantages

  • Employees with good technical training and maintenance experience always available.
  • Our people are familiar with all of the relevant standard methods and have received further training from us through internal training courses. If anyone is absent, another employee can simply take over the work.
  • As our employees have mastered all the methods down to the finest details, they can also easily explain them to their colleagues. They can always say what is the best way to set up a preventive maintenance plan, how to determine what parts should be in stock, and much more.
  • Our employees also have a knowledge base and tools that they can also use in other companies.
  • With more than 650 colleagues, our employees always have access to the right person for every question.
  • We understand the questions and come up with the right solutions together. We are genuine maintenance specialists rather than a secondment service.
  • A clear plan of action.
  • Guidance from senior specialists. Our clients often ask for someone who is overqualified for 95% of the work that needs doing, because they also have to determine the best approach to the work. For this, we always use senior advisors.

Any questions or a specific staff requirement?