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(basic) Engineering Services

Improving processes is our core business. Agidens Energies offers various (basic) engineering services based on its years of experience in the process industry. Right from the start of a project, we provide support for various engineering services. These may be basic engineering services, but also detail engineering with its various specific elements.

Process engineering

Our in-depth process knowledge sets us apart from the rest. Right from the start of a project, we help with drafting the production process or other type of process. Our Process Engineers focus on efficiency, reliability, operational excellence, and compliance.

Mechanical engineering

After the process design, we carry out the actual mechanical design of the installation, including piping and instrumentation. We take care of all the calculations, following the accepted standards and legislation within the food industry, and select all the mechanical components required for the project.

E&I engineering

Every project has an impact on the immediate production environment. We take care of all the Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) modifications. Our E&I Engineers design the entire electrical installation and calculate and determine all its components. We also design the electrical cabinets in close consultation. The building, testing, and acceptance of the cabinets take place in our own workshop.

Software engineering

We design and install control applications such as PLC and SCADA/HMI software. These systems control machines, keep measurement data up to date, and support the operators’ activities.

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