OT Infrastructure Monitoring Tool

Agidens as the implementer of the OT Infrastructure Monitoring Tool

Through the implementation of an OT Infrastructure Monitoring Tool, Agidens helps to monitor and manage OT Infrastructure. This implementation allows monitoring of the whole OT infrastructure while delivering insight into the entire network and its performance. This ensures that all business-critical components are always running smoothly. By providing continuous monitoring and management of the OT infrastructure online, we help companies to keep their production assets safe and to react efficiently so that costs do not rise.

Networks and shared server infrastructures are becoming increasingly critical in both the office (IT) and production (OT) environments. Today’s industrial automation solutions are increasingly based on TCP/IP Ethernet technology, meaning that production environments require the same professional approach in terms of maintenance and management. This includes not only 24/7 availability, but also ensuring capacity for real-time data processing.

OT versus IT: differing priorities, requirements, and risks

OT environments consist of systems and components that process real-time operational data, with different requirements compared to IT environments. The Industrial Automation Control Systems (IACS) networks come under OT.

OT infrastructure

  • Few applications
  • Limited user requirements
  • Integrity is required
  • Stability is key
  • Process-driven
  • Manual updates
  • Loss of production and control
  • Direct financial or physical risks

IT infrastructure

  • Many applications
  • User-specific requirements
  • Flexibility is required
  • Stability is less critical
  • Data-driven
  • Automatic updates
  • Loss of data and data integrity
  • The impact is difficult to determine

Just what does an OT Infrastructure Network look like?

Network Infrastructure

  • Hosts
  • Storage
  • Switches
  • Firewalls

Windows Infrastructure

  • Server
  • Workstation
  • Clients

Industrial Automation Control Systems

  • PLC
  • RIO
  • Drives
  • Supervision
  • Weighbridges
  • Power Monitors
  • DCS Controllers

Agidens as the implementer of Paessler’s PRTG Network Monitor

  • Delivering, installing, configuring, and going live with the monitoring tool in your OT infrastructure
  • The option of using a separate screen in the existing visualization package in which all the desired data can be accessed from the OT Network Monitoring Tool in a user-friendly interface.

As an automation specialist, Agidens supports the implementation of a robust, reliable, and secure OT infrastructure. To safeguard this infrastructure’s performance over time, we provide a comprehensive maintenance package for OT infrastructure environments, including Cyber Essentials.

To be able to respond quickly, without unnecessary costs, this support is offered as a secure remote service. The infrastructure is monitored 24/7 using the latest generation of monitoring software. Where action is required to safeguard the availability or safety of the assets, our OT support team will act remotely. If necessary, we can also provide on-site support.

The solution provides

  • Customized notifications
  • Dashboard availability
  • A quick and clear overview of the OT infrastructure’s current status
  • Customization to the types of users, namely Operators, (E&I) Engineers, Maintenance, Software, ICT, Integrators, or Managers

The advantages of OT Infrastructure Monitoring

  • OT infrastructure reliability is improving
  • Incidents and maintenance are more predictable with preventive monitoring and less downtime
  • Corrective maintenance is minimized
  • The monitoring tool supports analytical work following any errors and/or interventions.

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