Secure Remote Services

Demands on production are becoming higher every day, with availability and product criteria playing an important role. Systems are therefore becoming increasingly automated. In addition, they are becoming more and more complex. This makes external expertise in the maintenance of these systems inevitable. With our Secure Remote Service, this expertise is always available for immediate interventions.

Agidens as the implementer of comfortable Secure Remote Service

Remote access is ideal for making the right diagnosis quickly, but you also want to make sure the remote service connection does not create a security risk for your business systems. For Agidens, Secure Remote Service connections are an essential part of supporting client systems. Agidens has therefore developed a high-quality VPN solution combining simplicity and comfort for users with the highest level of security.

Agidens’ standard Secure Remote Service solution consists of a device at the client’s premises and a central VPN connection device at Agidens. Via the VPN connection, a tunnel is created allowing communication between Agidens’ ‘virtualised’ service computers and the client. The service engineer therefore logs in from his own computer to a virtual service computer and not the client’s computer.


The VPN connection is often the only way of ensuring support in the short term. The availability of the VPN connection is therefore very important.


When the VPN connection is established, it is very important for it to be stable. High-quality parts must therefore be used.


The VPN connection provides a gateway to the outside world from a production environment. Security therefore needs to be implemented.

Features of the system

With Agidens’ standard Secure Remote Service solution, there is a relationship of trust between the client and the service engineer, but the client decides whether and when the engineer has access to the network. This means the client decides when the VPN connection is active, and can use a switch or button to activate or deactivate the VPN connection. The following points should also be considered:

  • The VPN connection will support single IP-based communication protocols.
  • Communication is unidirectional, from Agidens to the client.
  • The VPN connection is only available when the client’s eWON Cosy is activated using the switch. If you want the connection to be activated as standard, that is of course also possible.
  • The VPN tunnel will only allow communication between Agidens’ ‘virtualised’ service computers and the client. There is no direct link between the Agidens network and the client.

How does the solution work


It is a carefully considered service concept that integrates availability, stability and security.

The client decides when the VPN connection is active, and can use a switch to activate or deactivate the VPN connection.

In most cases, no client network changes are needed.

It is a single structured service with no need for separate solutions (with a few exceptions).

The service machines are centrally managed.

Virtual service machines can be accessed from the Agidens network. The service can be accessed from home by using the VPN

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