Alarm Management: optimization of alarm systems

Alarm Management

When monitoring failures or incidents, we often notice that problems are being caused by alarms that are not followed up properly. This is because control room operators and employees in the field are often confronted with an abundance of notifications and alarms. As a result, they lack an overview of the status of the process and the installation, and can therefore not optimally manage the process. Incorrect follow-up of messages and alarms can lead to safety and quality risks. Agidens has developed a method for the optimization of alarm systems based on NEN-EN-IEC 6282 and ISA-18.2.

By applying a well thought out alarm management, all users in f.e. operations, maintenance, QHSE and IT, only receive the information that is relevant to them. The alarm system then fulfills the function for which it is intended: the (early) detection of problems in the process, the installation or the system itself. When these alerts are optimally tailored to both the process and the organization, all users can respond within the desired response time.

Problem definition

  • Too many alarms
  • Unclear alarms
  • Not user-friendly
  • No overview
  • No follow-up
  • Security risks
  • OEE risks
  • Quality risks


Depending on your needs, we set up a trajectory in different phases:

Non-committal quick scan

Analysis of your existing application.


  • Inventory of equipment
  • Review existing alarms
  • Rationalization alarms
  • Determine design specifications
  • Set-up application for demo
  • Result: SDS (Software Design Specification)


Integration in every SCADA/DCS and PLC system is possible.


By applying a tailor-made alarm philosophy, all alarms are optimally geared to the process and the organization, making it clear to the users what action is required, which in turn makes it easier to follow up on problems. In addition, the philosophy may serve as the basis for future extensions and changes to the installation.

We unburden you with a more efficient, safer and future-proof alarm management system that allows you to focus on the other aspects of your business.

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