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Converting data into information for useful and needed insight on terminal activities

With the Agidens Terminal Automation Reporting Suite, Agidens developed an add-on for its terminal automation solutions. It converts data into information and offers a selection of intuitive reports to support operators in gaining insight in the functioning and the health of their terminal automation system, as well as insight in the operations of the terminal processes. The Agidens Terminal Automation Reporting Suite is available for terminal automation systems based on Rockwell as well as Siemens technology. 

Terminal Automation Systems are common practice for the monitoring and control of bulk liquid storage terminals. Over the years they have increased the safety and efficiency of terminal operations by supporting operators in avoidance of spills and contamination, protecting valuable assets, optimizing the use of shared equipment, and avoiding paper streams via order-based loading solutions.

At the same time the dependency of the flawless functioning of terminal automation systems and the physical distance to the processes has increased – two important reasons for Agidens to develop the Agidens Terminal Automation Reporting Suite.

Reporting tool that matches the needs of terminal operators

Terminal managers want to know what’s going on on their terminal. The various reporting tools available store detailed information in different systems and technical knowledge is often needed to extract the information. The Agidens Terminal Automation Reporting Suite consists of a standard reporting tool that matches the needs of tank terminal operators with the many years of experience of Agidens in delivering terminal automation systems. The reporting suite has a subscription model, enabling operators and users to receive updates with new reports when available.

After a one-day training course with our consultants, the open environment of the suite empowers users to build their own specific reports on top of the standard available reports. 

Available reports

  • Multi-language alarm management reports
  • Overview of changes in ranges, alarm settings, trip settings, system parameters and loading diagrams
  • Report on mode changes on assets
  • Status reports on safety loops in the system (bypasses active, SIF failures, safety signatures)
  • Overview of control functions successfully used or abnormal terminated, including run time
  • Counter for use of utilities
  • Run time overview for selected assets
  • Overview of valve movements, including (average) open/close time, slow strokes, failed strokes, total strokes and actual position

Agidens Automation Reporting Suite in a nutshell

  • Converts data into information by presenting it in a clear and intuitive manner
  • Provides the possibility to periodically email reports to the people who needs them
  • Makes information available in one system
  • Provides useful filtering and drill-down options to easily find the needed information
  • Uses the Agidens experience to build useful reports that you didn’t know you needed
  • Agidens keeps on building useful reports and have them available for you

Implementation process

Install & license required software

Configure software

Deploy reports

Get regular updates

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