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Especially in hazardous environments, efficient safety procedures should be a top priority. ATALK allows an automated flow of alarm notifications immediately to the involved persons on the tank terminal or chemical plant. This improves reaction time resulting in a significant risk and cost reduction for your site.

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ATALK: Because safety can't wait

ATALK is a unique and patented (pending) technology that enables critical alarm messages to be sent immediately to the responsible operators on site via their walkie talkie. By using the ATALK system, manual actions to transmit these messages are no longer required thus reducing delays and potential human error.

The system is specially designed for ATEX zones in the tank terminals industry.

Instant added value

ATALK allows for a fully customized safety solution according to your needs.

Critical alarm systems are sent

To Walkie Talkie

Compared to an ATEX phone, signals will be heard at all times.

Automatically & Immediately

  • No delays or errors due to manual human intervention.
  • No dependency on control room operator.
  • Interventions can be organised immediately.

According to your business needs

  • Priorities can be configured according to your business needs.
  • Different alarms can be sent to different persons.
  • Installation is installed upon your existing operational control system such as SCADA or DCS.

How does ATALK work

  • Preconfigured signals from the field are sent to the ATALK box through SCADA/DCS.
  • These signals are translated into voice messages which are then transmitted over a selected radio frequency.
  • Every person with a walkie talkie on that frequency gets to hear the message.
  • Preconfigured commands can also be sent from the walkie talkie to the ATALK box using the radio protocol.
  • These commands are processed by the ATALK box and translated into a useable protocol for the PLC/SCADA system
  • These commands can then be visualised on SCADA/DCS or be used to directly control instruments in the field.

A modular system for customized solutions

ATALK allows for a fully customized safety solution according to your needs.

Additional modules allow for

Response messages sent from radio to SCADA/DCS

Radio control of alarm horn or lighting

Radio control of gates synced with the Agidens ALINE terminal management system

Discover how ATALK improves the intervention time at GADOT Group

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