Overfill protection

Agidens Energies, as the exclusive distributor of Honeywell Enraf in Belgium and Luxembourg, supplies and integrates the necessary overfill protection equipment.

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Overfill protection

The storage of petroleum or other chemical products is subject to specific safety and environmental guidelines such as Vlarem II, API MPMS 3.1B, API Standard 2350-2012, IEC 61508, IEC 61511, OIML R85. Therefore, a storage tank must have adequate overfill protection.

Proper overfill protection always has 3 components: independent level gauging (Level switch and continuous level gauging), alarm system (high + high/high alarm), and automatic process adjustment or interruption. Agidens Energies includes the integration and optimization of these aspects in its development of an overfill protection project.

Our services

  • Advice and guidance on the choice
  • System integration: existing ERP, TAS, TMS, process control systems, etc.
  • Supply, installation, commissioning, and start-up
  • Documentation and verification: FAT, SAT, approved certification, etc.
  • Staff training
  • Lifecycle Services: maintenance, 24/7 standby support, upgrades & migrations, etc.

Our products

Why use Agidens Energies for overfill protection?

  • Extensive application and integration knowledge
  • Many experienced service engineers, familiar with the Honeywell Enraf products
  • Always a tailor-made solution
  • The products are perfectly coordinated and, therefore, compatible
  • Honeywell Enraf is the global market leader in high-quality tank gauging equipment

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