Distributor of Honeywell Enraf Tank Gauging Systems

Tank Gauging

For more than 50 years Agidens has been a distributor of Honeywell Enraf Tank Gauging in Belgium and Luxembourg. With this experience and expertise we offer a customized solution for tank gauging and inventory systems with specific solutions for level, temperature, pressure or density measurement of liquids in storage tanks.

Flexible solutions for measurement and control

We deliver integrated solutions for Tank Gauging & Inventory with specific applications for

Agidens is a partner from beginning to end and provides support in three areas.


The choice of Tank Gauging and Inventory System depends on the type of storage tank, the product in storage, your existing infrastructure and your specific demands.

Turnkey Solutions

We design, deliver and install a completely finished systems including SAT, calibration …


Once tested and delivered we take care of 24/7 service support and maintenance, which includes upgrades and migrations.

We work according to several measurement principles (Honeywell Enraf products) that can be combined.

Radar measurement

Works with a radar on top of the tank. This measurement method provides an exceptional detailed image of the tank content even in the most challenging environments.

Servo measurement

Works with a measuring wire that can provide varied information about the content of the tank storage. If radar management is impossible because of vapors or foam above the liquid, servo measurement is an alternative for any type of liquid.

Hybrid Inventory Management System

The HIMS is a combination of a level measuring tool and a pressure measuring tool below the tank.

System integration

The main advantage of diversity in possibilities is that on the one hand all Honeywell Enraf systems can be combined perfectly and  on the other hand it allows us to always provide a customized solution. Depending on the type of tank storage, the product in storage and your demands regarding obtaining information about the content, we provide a suitable solution.

If you already have measurement devices of another manufacturer, we make sure that these products are fully integrated in one software system. You will not have to maintain parallel systems and will receive all information on/onto just one screen.

Why choose Agidens & Honeywell Enraf?

  • We have a wide range of products which enables us to supply you with a turnkey system with measurement instruments, Communication Interface Units, (local & remote) displays and software..
  • Where other suppliers of Tank Gauging Systems often supply only one measurement method, Honeywell Enraf and Agidens have a wide range of methods.
  • Agidens Energies is an A to Z partner for Tank Gauging Systemen: we give advice on the selection and design of the system, supply the instruments and take care of the installation of the equipment. Afterwards we provide maintenance, verification and support with our own service department and extensive stock of spare parts.
  • We can integrate the Honeywell Enraf Tank Gauging Systems in existing software for the management of your tank farm.

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