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Planning & Scheduling

AXCEL is a powerful planning tool built to optimize the use of the terminal assets, reduce turnaround times and handle last-minute operational changes. It offers an integrated terminal planning connecting terminal planners, operators, transporters, and customers.

How does AXCEL work

The smart and powerful AXCEL engine relies on highly detailed terminal data, which includes asset status, workforce availability, and real-time data on ongoing operations to calculate optimal planning scenarios.

The available modules based upon the AXCEL engine are

Truck Slot Booker

The truck slot booker module streamlines the flow of trucks before they arrive at the terminal. The online platform offers timeslots based on availability of resources and required assets at the terminal. This limits waiting times before handling, lowers truck turnaround times and offers a more efficient scheduling of the available operators.

Truck Dispatcher

The truck dispatcher module, used by planning personnel, dispatches the trucks to the different loading areas after arrival at the terminal. It helps the planner to respond in real-time to unexpected changes in the operational situation. By combining the slot booker and the dispatcher module, peaks are reduced because AXCEL spreads the movements over the available resources and assets.

Water Planning Support

The water planning support module helps the planner in finding the optimal schedule and flow path for vessels and barges, avoiding possible contamination. It shows the impact on the configured KPI’s, while planning the incoming ships.

Operator Guide

The operator guide, a handheld communication platform driven by the AXCEL engine, enables flexible communication with operators in the field and guides them in the best next action to take, in real-time, it schedules their breaks and gathers status feedback on tasks performed.

Added value

  • Increased efficiency through optimized asset and resources utilisation
    • Insight in asset utilisation
    • High Return-on-Investment
  • Ensured contractual compliancy in operations
  • Operational excellence by continuous planning recalculation
  • Real-time information for external stakeholders through an online customer portal

Why AXCEL by Agidens?

With more than 50 years of experience in tank terminal optimization, we can provide an excellent service. It is our goal to deliver solutions based on the daily needs and expectations of different stakeholders in the market. Our aim is to optimize the business processes of your terminals to achieve more efficient, safe and reliable operations.

AXCEL is a typical level 3 (MES) product. However, Agidens has a lot of experience in level 2 projects as well. We use this expertise as a base to develop our level 3 Terminal Management Software.

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