Relax…. Your Storage and Loading facility is under control with ALINE

Our Terminal Management Solution ALINE optimizes the daily operations on the bulk liquid storage and loading facility in order to improve efficiency, safety and customer satisfaction.

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Terminal Management Solution ALINE

ALINE is an integrated, modular Terminal Management Solution for road, sea, river, rail, pipeline and internal movements. ALINE core provides the complete framework for all product modules and plug-ins.

The different modules of ALINE

Instant added value

Paperless operations

Enable paperless operations to reduce the risk of quality loss during information transfers

Centralized data management

Centralized data management to deliver useful information for the right person at the right time

Real-time information

Real-time information for external stakeholders through an online customer portal (order tracking, inventory overview, etc.)

Legal compliancy

ALINE is an integrated, modular TMS for road, sea, river, railLegal compliancy through ADR, AND, IDMG, RID support

Why ALINE by Agidens

With more than 50 years of experience in bulk liquid storage and loading optimization, we deliver solutions based on the daily needs and expectations of different stakeholders in the market.

  • ALINE is developed with the simple aim of optimizing the daily operations and management of bulk liquid storage and loading facilities.
  • It is a total solution including the necessary hardware to collect the data in the system and to control the assets in the field (access gates, hand scanners, field user interfaces, etc.).
  • ALINE is an integrated solution for road, sea, river, rail, pipeline, and internal movements.
  • The modular build-up guarantees maintainability (simple upgrades) as well as flexibility to tackle facility specific challenges.

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