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Agidens helps companies to determine the right energy monitoring concept, identify the relevant EnPIs, roll out hardware and software, and automate data capture, reporting and notifications.

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Energy Monitoring

Upgrading your structural energy management requires ongoing automated energy monitoring and reporting. Companies that want an insight into their energy consumption often conduct an energy audit. This is an important first step, of course, but an energy audit also has its limitations. It is a snapshot of what’s happening at a particular moment in time, which may not be representative of the entire year. An energy audit provides important insights, but cannot warn you when a major leak occurs the next day or when the lights stay on for the whole weekend.

An energy audit looks at totals (such as total consumption per month or per year), but detailed information (such as consumption per shift or per batch) is often not available. Of course, you can regularly take manual meter readings, but this is inefficient and subject to errors. With automated monitoring, the workload is reduced to a minimum, whilst the insights and accuracy of the data increase exponentially.

From insight to action

Data is knowledge, and knowledge is the key to efficiency and effectiveness. Precise protocols for analysis and actions can be drawn up on the basis of the energy data available. These protocols set up automated warning messages – for example, in the case of an unusual spike in energy consumption. The reporting can be fully automated, making manual analyses a thing of the past.

Companies also gain accurate insight into the energy consumption of distinct processes or production lines and the proportion of the total process they account for. At Agidens (Fine) Chemicals, thanks to our expertise in process optimization and automation, we can evaluate the results and make recommendations for optimization.

Argus EnergyMonitor

With the Argus EnergyMonitor, Agidens (Fine) Chemicals has a cloud-based SaaS solution at its disposal for collecting, analyzing, viewing and reporting data on energy consumption.

The Argus platform was developed from the start to be hardware-neutral and we made sure it was compatible with as many data sources as possible. The only thing you need is a digital connection in order to send the data to the cloud. This means that the energy data is always at your fingertips: on PC, laptop or smartphone. The software can also be easily extended with additional functional modules customized for the company or based on specific processes

Argus in a nutshell

  • Argus in a nutshell
  • Cloud-based (SaaS) monitoring platform
  • Data capture and analysis
  • Visualization
  • Automated event registration
  • Automated alerts
  • Automated reports
  • Advanced (statistical) analysis tools
  • Applicable to industrial facilities, buildings, emissions measurements etc.
  • Additional functional modules are available or can be developed, according to your needs
  • Advanced (statistical) analysis tools
  • Applicable to industrial facilities, buildings, emissions measurements etc.
  • Additional functional modules are available or can be developed, according to your needs

Features of Argus

  • Basic visualization of energy data, with no limit to the number of data points or parameters.
  • The customizable dashboard gives a quick overview of the company’s energy situation.
  • The heat map offers quick and easy insight into consumption patterns and shows abnormal use over time. The graphs help quantify peak demand and base loads with a view to optimizing contracts.
  • Powerful regression analysis tools help identify relevant factors that have an impact on consumption, allowing the right optimization projects to be selected.
  • With simple ‘If This Then That’ rules, alerts can be triggered if the KPIs are progressing in the wrong direction.

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