Asset Management

We are not only specialized in the technical side of maintenance. A sound maintenance plan alone is not enough. This is why we also help our clients to set up appropriate procedures for their technical management in the form of maintenance management and asset management.

Agidens (Fine) Chemicals scans the current asset management and advises on setting up aspects such as procedures, lifecycle cost analysis, software implementation, and ISO 55000 certification.

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Asset Management

Good asset management requires efficient organization with properly protected processes. An asset management organization encompasses various aspects. Agidens uses the Lean Asset Management Program to improve organizations.

As every organization is different, we provide solutions tailored to each organization’s situation and needs. In doing so, we pay the necessary attention to generating support among staff so that they will accept and implement the new way of working with regard to asset management.

Lifecycle Costing

Many industrial assets are older than the service life they were designed for. Replacing them is expensive and often unnecessary. Keeping these assets operational can lead to major risks and increased maintenance and energy costs.

Agidens  has developed the Agidens Remaining Life Analysis (ERLA), a Lifecycle Costing method with which we can quickly assist you in determining the actions that need to be taken to keep installations operational for longer. Assets can often last much longer than anticipated.

Asset Management Scan

In a short period, we assess your current working methods and establish the strong and weak points. This results in a plan with which companies can get to work.

Asset Management Software

Good asset management software that is geared toward the organization is crucial for monitoring and implementing asset management. We help you select and deploy the right Enterprise Asset Management Software.

ISO 55000 certification

ISO 55000 is the new ISO standard for managing physical assets. Agidens assists with the implementation of the requirements for this standard. We work independently from the official certification.

Outsourcing Assistance

Many companies outsource part of their maintenance, which may take the form of service contracts. This has its own pitfalls.

We offer guidance for outsourcing contracts so that companies can focus on their core activities.

Processes & Procedures

  • Project Management and Engineering
  • Making investment decisions
  • Preparing, planning, performing, and administering preventive maintenance
  • Preparing and planning schedulable activities such as corrective maintenance or modifications
  • Operator Maintenance

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