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Lean consultancy

In simple terms, lean consultancy means creating more value with fewer resources. This approach understands where the added value is and focuses on simplifying key processes. The ultimate goal is zero waste. This means that no superfluous tasks are carried out during the production process, and no unnecessary costs are generated. Besides, the focus is not only on efficiency and effectiveness, but also on flexibility to be able to respond optimally to changing circumstances.

Production and Services

A common misconception is that lean consultancy only works for production processes, but nothing could be further from the truth. The ‘lean’ method offers solutions for every business and every process. It is not a cost-reduction program but a way of thinking and working within an organization.

Our consultants always ensure a seamless integration. They focus on

Lean thinking

Adapting the way of thinking is the first and most crucial step to achieve a ‘zero waste’ process or organization.

Lean organisation

Of course, the method of organization is a next step. It should ensure that no unnecessary are operations carried out.

Lean production

Implementing lean thinking and lean organization results in a production process that is free of all unnecessary steps and procedures.

Lean maintenance

The expertise of our Maintenance & Reliability engineers, supplemented with the knowhow of our operational excellence consultants creates the ideal mix for setting up a high-quality maintenance program.

7 or 8 wastes

As these are the areas where things often go wrong, this is where ‘lean’ puts the focus. Some examples are waiting for materials, overproduction, inefficient logistical processes, and incorrect documentation.

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