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Six Sigma consultancy

Deploying staff, materials, and machines in the most cost-effective possible way, eliminating losses, having the right employee in the right place, and creating a logical flow throughout the organization, makes everything run smoothly. The focus here is often data-driven, but a methodical approach is crucial in order to make sure that improvements are permanent.

With Six Sigma consultancy, Agidens (Fine) Chemicals places the emphasis on reducing variations in the production process. This ensures that errors or defects no longer occur, which increases delivery reliability and reduces costs. We have several black-belt consultants to seamlessly implement a quality control program.

Six Sigma Approach

Our Six Sigma experts focus on measurable and quantifiable results. We work using proven methods which have been extensively tested in practice. We use the experience and knowhow thus acquired in all subsequent projects. The practical experience of our operational excellence consultants is what makes us fundamentally different from conventional consultancies: our advice is always practical and to-the-point.

Our consultants use various methods for the Six Sigma projects and go for the approach that works best, irrespective of the buzzwords such as DMAIC, Lean, Kata, or Agile. The choice of method depends on the nature and scale of the problem detected.

  • Lead time reduction
  • Product % value added time improvements
  • Travel distance optimization
  • Optimal use of floor space
  • Direct labor
  • Labor % value added time
  • Labor time per product
  • Indirect labor
  • Over-time reduction
  • Inventory of raw material
  • Optimum work-in-process to optimize bottle neck productivity
  • Inventory of finished goods in line with company strategy
  • Set-up time reduction (SMED)
  • Cross training in line with flexibility requirements
  • Scrap reduction
  • Rework minimization
  • Defects per unit
  • Capacity improvement with current assets
  • On-time Delivery
  • Reduction of unplanned downtime

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