ATEX: advice, support & training

ATEX (ATmosphères Explosibles) shows the relationship between the risk of explosion and the safety measures that can be applied. An explosion hazard may occur when gases and/or substances are used or when gases and/or substances are produced as a by-product. Our ATEX service includes ATEX 153 and ATEX 114, and formulating Explosion Protection Documents (EPD) and zoning, including zoning drawings.

Important guidelines regarding ATEX

  • The ‘workplace’ Directive 1999/92/EC (ATEX 153) deals with the need for employers to ensure must ensure an explosion-proof working environment.
  • The ‘product’ Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX 114) defines the regulations for equipment and installations operating in zones where there is a possible danger of dust and/or gas explosion.

Our ATEX services include

  • Advice and support to make workplaces manageable and in accordance with the ATEX laws and regulations (ATEX 153).
  • Advice and support to design or control products or installations om such a way that they comply with ATEX 114.
  • Formulating an Explosion Protection Document (EPD).
  • Preparation of zoning, including zoning drawings.
  • Providing bespoke ATEX training.

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