HAZOP: advice, support & training

We use a Hazard & Operability study to map out process deviations and the associated risks of new or existing installations. This comes in the form of advice, support, and training.

What is a HAZOP?

A Hazard & Operability Study serves to map, analyze, and evaluate process deviations. Human action is also key to this. This can be for new or existing process installations. A HAZOP is primarily used the process industry and the petrochemical and chemical industries (Seveso/BRZO), but can also be used in the food or pharmaceutical industry.

Our HAZOP services include

  • We offer a good preparation and clear organization of the HAZOP team meeting.
  • Our HAZOP ‘Leader’ and ‘Scribe’ ensure an efficient analysis.
  • We pay a lot of attention to the so-called ‘linking’ of causes and consequences.
  • With the help of adapted software, we can immediately prepare a report (with regard to SIL) for you.
  • Providing bespoke training for executing a HAZOP

Other methods

Of course, it is also possible to apply a different methodology or safety study. For example, our consultants also have experience with Fine & Kinney, FMEA, LOPA, QRA, and TRA.

How can we help?

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