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Cleaning / Sterilization In Place

CIP systems are an essential part in industrial processing. Integrating the cleaning process in the installation itself validates the cleaning, limits the duration of cleaning and avoids unnecessary interruptions in production. Furthermore, a well-designed CIP solution guarantees an optimized use of energy, chemicals and utilities. Next to guaranteeing product quality and safety, a thorough cleaning procedure increases the life span of your process installation.

The cleaning phases and sterilization are carried out automatically. The data related to cleaning and sterilisation are recorded, visualised and archived systematically.


Our Cleaning In Place solution distinguishes itself from traditional CIP installations by using standardized ACIP software, based on the industrial standard ISA88. We deliver a customize solution from A to Z:

Audit & Advice

We analyze your specific cleaning situation, advise on the procedure to be followed and materials to be used in order to adjust it to the optimal cleaning installation.


In close collaboration with the customer, a detailed CIP action plan is drawn up. Depending on the type and design of the equipment to be cleaned, the amount and type of residue to be removed, etc., we design a CIP solution that fits the customer’s needs.

Construction or Revamp

We can either build an entirely new (integrated) CIP solution or revamp an existing installation, depending on the cleaning needs and budget. We prepare the mobile CIP (instrumentation, programming, etc.) for optimal functioning and make sure that all ends are tied together before we start testing.

Testing & Support

We can assist in the first cleaning runs and take care of the follow-up if necessary. After testing, you will receive a detailed validation report concerning the executed CIP runs. This report includes recommendations for future cleaning.

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