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Energy Management

Energy is often a major cost in industry. Despite this, many companies pay very little attention to energy consumption and there is no structural energy management at all. The purchasing department is responsible for negotiating energy supply contracts, but this is often done without detailed knowledge of consumption and with little or no capacity to make accurate forecasts of future consumption.

Operators have no insight into the consequences of their actions on energy consumption, and the environmental coordinator or the head of the technical department does not see monitoring energy consumption as a priority in their already overflowing workload.

With this lack of central monitoring, many opportunities are not tapped into, or the savings may disappear over time. What these companies need is a structured energy management system focused on continuous improvement.

Energy Management System

ISO 50001 sets out the standards a good energy management system needs to comply with. On the basis of this ISO standard, our consultants establish a system that complies with all these requirements and will enable considerable cost savings. This type of system comprises

  • A well-designed Energy Management Plan with relevant EnPIs (Energy Performance Indicators)
  • Measurement devices where most energy is consumed
  • Automated energy monitoring with customizable reporting
  • Regular monitoring
  • Organizational structure with clear stakeholders, responsibilities and tasks

By providing advice, we help businesses evolve from fragmented responsibilities and ad hoc initiatives to permanent, structured and effective energy management. In most businesses, a transition of this kind has already occurred in terms of quality and safety, so now the next step is to look at energy and sustainability.

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