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Pasteurization & sterilization

The extensive experience of our Process and Software Engineers and the professionalism of our project management guarantee high-quality results for all pasteurization or sterilization processes of food and beverages. Our modules stand out for their flexibility, high PU accuracy, and energy efficiency.

Increased shelf life

The food industry often uses heating techniques to remove harmful micro-organisms and to extend a product’s shelf life. Pasteurization differs from sterilization because lower temperatures are used and/or products are heated for a short period of time. This is to avoid that the product’s properties would change too much due to overheating.

Pasteurization effectiveness is expressed in pasteurization units (PU), which is the result of two parameters: dwell time and pasteurization temperature. Agidens controls the pasteurization process for beverages and other higher viscosity foodstuffs (sauces).

There are two types

  • Batch pasteurization with mixing tanks.
  • Continuous pasteurization with, for example, tunnel pasteurizers or flash pasteurization, including buffer tanks to absorb any PU variations and influences upstream or downstream.

Our scope

Delivering turnkey installations in accordance with client-specific and legal requirements (HACCP, EHEDG, CIP/SIP, Pigging, CE, PED, Atex, etc.)

  • Tanks (304L/316L etc.) atmospheric or pressure tanks in accordance with PED
  • Components (pumps, valves, instrumentation, fittings) suitable for utilities and/or food (FDA, Regulation EC 1935/2004 etc.)
  • Piping
  • Electrical cabinets and wiring

For each project-specific aspect, we deliver a customized A to Z solution

  • Project Management
  • Engineering and CAD drawing (2D/3D)
  • Construction (mechanical and electrical)
  • System Integration (PLC/DCS, HMI, MES)
  • Testing (FAT), commissioning and delivering (SAT)
  • Documentation & training
  • Maintenance

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