ACIP: Agidens Cleaning In Place

Cleaning In Place (CIP) is a system for automated cleaning and disinfection of process installations. It is intended to automatically clean a production process without dismantling or moving the installation. The Agidens ACIP solution stands out from traditional CIP installations thanks to its flexible preparation method and the fact that it is based on ISA88 (built-in interlocks). Agidens Food & Beverage uses ACIP to deliver a customized and turnkey CIP solution.

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ACIP by Agidens

Agidens’ ACIP solution stands out from traditional CIP installations thanks to our flexible ACIP platform, based on the ISA88 industry standard. We provide custom solutions from A to Z:

Design & Engineering


System Integration

Testing & Commissioning


The cleaning phases and sterilization are carried out automatically. The cleaning and sterilization data are systematically saved, visualized, and archived. At the end of the process, the crucial parameters are shown in reports, which can be used for verification in the case of a disruption of the process.

Advantages of ACIP

  • Commissioning is faster and easier
  • Perfect and safe control of the CIP process
  • Easily expandable in the future thanks to its modular structure
  • Simple and layered user-interface
  • Platform-independent software (Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider Electric, Wonderware), enables flexible automation
  • Detailed reporting based on various criteria (date/time, tank, pipeline, etc.)
  • Traceability for various process parameters (temperature, flow rate, conductivity)
  • Flexible and easily customizable recipe flow and management for CIP parameters
  • Optimization of CIP cycles increases the available of the process installation

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ACIP is distributed in the US and Canada by Profamo INC