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AFIL: sterile beer filtration

As alternative for the classic flash and/or tunnel pasteurisation, Agidens Food & Beverage developed with AFIL a series of sterile filtration modules (Cold Stabilization Modules – CSM) based on a modular and scalable principle. We incorporated all our brewing experience into the AFIL solution.

Whatever the brewery’s specific design and software systems, we can deliver integrated systems that excel in terms of flexibility and are fully compliant with the highest standards. A flawless integration in the brewery, thereby minimizing production downtime, is crucial in our approach.

We work together with filtration specialists who support us with their knowledge and expertise of the latest filtration techniques.

AFIL by Agidens

Cold stabilization with membrane filtration, also referred to as sterile filtration, offers numerous advantages compared to conventional pasteurization techniques. This filtration technique is generally recognized as the optimal process to protect beer quality with reduced water and energy consumption and less loss of beer.

Together with our filtration partners, we offer advanced solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs and expectations. Agidens offers a comprehensive AFIL solution that can be integrated into any type of software or control system, considerably reducing the costs of microbial stabilization while protecting the beer’s sensory quality.

Added value of AFIL

  • Increased control over microbial stabilization
  • Increased protection of taste and quality of the beer
  • Improved shelf life and flexibility (flow rate variations)
  • Reduced water and energy consumption
  • Less loss of beer

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AFIL is distributed in the US and Canada by Profamo INC