Agibrew: every drop counts

In breweries, every last drop counts. Therefore, an accurate overview and control of the brewing process is essential. With the modular Brewery Management System Agibrew, we ensure that the entire brewing process is optimally controlled from A to Z.

Fully automated brewing solution

Agibrew is our software system for the management of both the cold block and the brewhouse in the brewing process, and is controlled through MES or PLC/SCADA. By automating crucial steps in the brewing process, errors or inaccuracies are minimized, resulting in a higher product quality.

Every brewery is different, and so each brewery needs a different system. Agibrew is modular so that it can be used in all breweries, with or without an MES level.

Modular brewery system

Batch & Recipe Management

Track & Trace

Quality Control


Advanced Planning


Warehouse Management

History & Knowledge

OEE, Dashboarding & Reporting

Why choose Agibrew?

Open system

Not tied to an external supplier: we offer the possibility to make your own adjustments in the management system.

One system to control the entire brewery

Breweries are often complex because of the use of different platforms and systems. Agibrew centralizes all the information in one system.

Flexible batching from the PLC

Once a batch production has started, it must also be finished correctly and completely. Agibrew is always one step ahead and starts the production from the PLC (not the PC) to eliminate potential downtime and intervene where necessary.

Crucial data

Agibrew collects a large amount of data from various integrated systems and visualizes this real-time data through a simple user-interface. The data from the integrated systems offers a better insight into the brewing processes, which results in better decision-making and increased efficiency.

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