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AJET: homogenization of tank content

The AJET works perfectly together with the AHOP dosing unit and guarantees an optimal and dynamic mixing of the tank content of a brewery fermenter. It is an alternative to motor-driven tank mixers. This simple unit is adaptable to most tank outlet shapes.

Principle of the AJET mixer

The jet mixer uses the Venturi Principle. This allows the brewer to create a mix flow rate with a much lower external recirculation flow rate. This means that the external circulation flow rate is pushed through the jet by an external pump and additional volume is pulled through the side openings into the jet mixer, boosting the liquid up centrally in the tank. At the same time, a downward movement is created at the sides of the tank, forcing an overall powerful mixing flow rate.

The AJET is an economical solution for installing recirculation loops on existing tanks with minimal mechanical modifications. It has no moving parts, while motor-powered solutions involve higher risks of contamination and mechanical seal breakage.


Universal use

The AJET mixer is mounted on a raiser pipe and a hygienic connection piece, which is adjusted to the existing tank dimensions, mixing task, and outlet connection.


The entire unit is CIP-compatible and is easily integrated into the existing tank installation without requiring expensive mechanical modifications. Moreover, cleaning can be done together with the tank installation.

Low cost price

The very low cost price and operational costs of the AJET mixer are due to its simple and solid construction, the absence of moving parts, and the ease of installation and dismantling.

Reduced risk of blockages

The limited diameter of the raiser pipe reduces the risk of blockages and NPSH issues when emptying the tank, e.g. during yeast harvests with high viscous yeast types.

Why the AJET mixer?

  • Simple non-motor-driven mixing solution
  • Careful product handling
  • Complete solution with AHOP additive dosing module
  • Reduced grain-to-glass time in breweries
  • Faster fermentation, deep cooling, and maturation
  • Improved beer and yeast quality
  • Fully CIP-compatible with raiser pipe (split pin connection)
  • Small connection diameter to prevent tank outlet blockages.

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