OptiCIP: towards the ideal CIP scenario

The cleaning of process equipment via CIP (Cleaning In Place) offers many advantages. A validated cleaning procedure is crucial for microbiological hygiene and to avoid cross-contamination, but it also increases the life span and reduces downtime of your installation. CIP systems are at the heart of every food & beverage plant. However, they are also responsible for nearly 30% of the total plant’s utility resources. With OptiCIP, your CIP installation is measured against the ideal CIP scenario, offering optimisations that can significantly improve cleaning time and use of resources.

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OptiCIP: efficient monitoring & optimization

OptiCIP, by Schneider Electric, is a platform independent, comprehensive and easy to use software solution to monitor and optimize your cleaning operations. It connects to any vendor’s automation system, collects data on process parameters and provides analysis and recommendations for improvement. Agidens is preferred partner for integration of the OptiCIP solution in the Benelux market, providing the different types of support needed for our customers’ demands (process, E&I and software engineering). Together, we support you to revamp or build performant Cleaning In Place installations.


Improve food safety

  • Identify cleaning deviations
  • Compliance with safety and quality regulations and standards
  • Document proper cleanings and provide traceability

Reliability & performance

  • Identify cleaning deviations due to failing equipment
  • Scalable & easy to implement and move solution
  • Connects to any automation platform

Boost efficiency & profitability

  • Reduce operating costs for all WAGES
  • Reduce consumption of chemicals
  • Reduce cleaning time

Sustainability & digital transformation

  • Detect product losses & reduce environmental impact
  • Real-time dashboarding energy & WAGES consumption

Golden CIP

The OptiCIP package includes a ‘Golden CIP’ technology that allows you to closely monitor your actual cleaning performance. Once the cleaning program of a specific CIP object is validated (recipes and parameters), it is set as a reference, called the ‘Golden CIP’. From then on, all the actual CIPs of that object are compared with the Golden CIP and differences are indicated. An attractive dashboard view allows you to follow up and improve cleaning runs with a focus on the deviations compared to this ‘Golden CIP’.

OptiCIP features

  • Traceability and optimization tool
  • Energy dashboard & report generation
  • COD & product loss monitoring (optional)

OptiCIP collects every single piece of information needed to document evidence of proper cleaning in a user-friendly interface. It provides all data and features to identify losses, reduce unnecessary consumption and ensure cleaning efficiency while reducing overall cleaning time.

The data analysis tool can be consulted for detailed cleaning analysis reports including findings and recommendations, expected savings and prioritization of actions.

OptiCIP: from audit to realization

Walkthrough CIP Audit

We analyze the existing CIP unit with focus on the necessary measurement points to be able to implement OptiCIP.

  • Process study
  • Energy study
  • Automation & IT study

Implementation of OptiCIP

Set-up of the OptiCIP software and Golden CIP for which we establish benchmarks to drive continuous improvement on the CIP-plant.

An extensive training ensures a correct interpretation of all gathered data and reports.

Advanced services

Over a course of 6 to 8 weeks, all data is gathered and analyzed after which potential optimizations can be carried out.

Additional support services

  • Aftercare can be provided, ranging from remote or local technical support for software or process questions
  • Extensions or adjustment on installations
  • Annual improvement analysis
  • Software upgrades

Why choose Agidens Food & Beverage and Schneider Electric

Agidens has over 20 years of experience in building CIP installations for a wide range of industries. We help our customers by analysing their existing processes and mapping where and in what area optimizations are possible. The intensive & long collaboration with Schneider Electric enables us to enhance and optimize your cleaning process. Thanks to our extensive know-how of industrial processing, E&I, automation and validation, we can offer an A to Z project approach depending on your needs.

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