Obsolete automated systems can cause a host of problems: the installation no longer complies with legislation, the technical file is no longer ‘As Built’ … This makes modifications or expansions to the existing installation expensive and complex. In many cases, a revamp is appropriate or even necessary. Whether you need an ‘as built’ electrical diagram or cabinet, or to entirely renew it, our engineers can provide the support.

Revamping focuses on increasing efficiency, the availability of an installation, and prolonging its service life. Agidens brings installations up to date, with obsolete parts being either updated or replaced where necessary. We take care of the revamping of entire automation systems or one or more components.


Electrical installations and panels

Communication cards and drivers


Revamping Partner

  • Extensive engineering capacity: both small and large-scale projects, ensuring the necessary continuity.
  • Recognized integrator of various automation systems: Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Wonderware, GE, Schneider…
  • Special maintenance team trained to provide 24/7 service support.
  • Working with the client to find the best solution, aiming for high quality and a long-term relationship.
  • Our project approach guarantees on-time delivery.
  • We ensure increased system availability. This means that the installation can be made to comply with the applicable safety regulations.

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