Over 25 years of project and product experience in industrial environments and expertise in MES (level 3), process automation (level 2), and E&I make Agidens a solid technology partner in the entire MES and MOM process. Agidens has knowledge in various systems and delivers custom solutions together with software technology partners.

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Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Systems

A Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) System goes one step further than an MES solution. In a MOM solution, the MES layer is only part of a larger whole, because it sees the entire internal supply chain as operations. So, a MOM is activated from the receipt of raw materials all the way to the management of all the intermediate stocks (Warehouse Management Systems – WMS) and the distribution of end products. A MOM solution also provides full Advanced Production Scheduling (APS) by using optimization algorithms (makespan, route cost, minimal set-up & changeovers, allergens).

A MOM solution eliminates various interfaces such as MES-WMS, MES-APS, APS-WMS, and ERP-WMS, providing added value.

Advantages of a MOM integration

Planning & Scheduling (APS)
  • Detailed and automated insight into fine planning per line, department, and division.
  • Real-time rescheduling in the case of rush orders or disruptions.
  • Integrated matrices (actuating and changeover times, allergens, cleaning).
  • Higher ‘First Time Right’ ratio thanks to quicker reactions to quality deviations (SPC).
  • Link with measuring equipment and automatic product classification.
  • Use of mobile terminals for random testing.
Stocks and internal logistics
  • Permanent stock optimization based on real-time registrations.
  • Quicker and just-in-time supply of materials to the lines.
  • Optimized pick and drop lists.
  • Planning coordinated between production and maintenance.
  • Real-time OEE, MTBF, MTTR, and MTTI for downtime management.
  • Automatic registration of operating hours.
Continuous improvement
  • Consolidated and contextualized data
  • Correlated dashboards and reports available for analysis.
  • Well-founded budget requests.
  • Actual ROI calculations and improvement projects
Dynamic end-to-end traceability
  • Data registration, whatever the source.
  • Synchronization with ERP, LIMS, PLM, etc.
  • Use of barcodes and RFID.
Operator management
  • Managing operators with standard instructions (work instructions, SOP, BOO).
  • Real-time feedback on performance and targets.
  • Faster, informed decisions based on factual information.

How quickly is a MOM project recouped?

If you do not yet have an integrated MOM layer, baseline measurement will not be possible and it cannot be said with certainty how the current processes score and how much profit can be achieved.

  • An integrated MOM installation ensures at least 5 per cent more productivity.
  • Phased implementation increases the success rate.
  • Each additional phase provides additional insights and makes the integration more powerful.
  • The aggregated information provides an insight into the improvement potential of your processes. The resulting improvement projects turn a MOM implementation into a real cash generator.
  • MOM is most profitable with continuous improvement.

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