Lock automation

Agidens Infra Automation is a market leader in the field of lock construction and automation. Our experts have many years’ experience in the design, realisation and maintenance of locks and lock complexes.

Designing lock automation

Our design department develops electrical and mechanical designs for locks. This may start with a pre-defined schedule of requirements, specifications based on systems engineering or RAMS requirements.

Our specialist designers have experience in the design of

Topology and schemes for medium and low-voltage systems

Control and network systems (TN, TT, TNS, TNC, TNC-S, IT)

Control with PLC and SCADA systems (standalone, network, redundant, performance and SIL level)

Shipping monitoring systems (CCTV, CCD and CMOS)

Broadband networks for video-over-IP

Intercom and loudspeaker systems, indoor and outdoor (copper or fibre optic, analogue or Ethernet)

Active radar systems

Road traffic and shipping signals

Energy recovery systems

Realisation, turnkey projects and maintenance

Our experienced site supervisors implement all techniques from the design. They guarantee a controlled and stable environment, so that the works proceed without causing you headaches. Thanks to our long-standing relations with specialists in mechanical, hydraulic, concrete and steel structural engineering, we are able to assume overall responsibility for lock projects.

Energy-neutral locks

Thanks to the fall of the water flow, it is possible to generate power with any lock. During the construction works we place a turbine under the lock. In this way you can generate hundreds of megawatts of electricity per year. Agidens has proven experience in the planning, design, installation and maintenance of turbines under locks.

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