Dependable and safe weirs

Due to the concentration of rainwater, management of streams and rivers is becoming increasingly important. Agidens designs, builds, retrofits and automates vertical or rotating weirs that can counteract flooding and prevent emptying.

New construction or modernisation

With our weirs you guard the drainage and storage capacity of watercourses and ensure the integrity of the dikes. We can help you with new constructions and renovation of existing weirs. For this we join in any pre-study, study, design, project management as principle contractor, automation, completion and technical interventions. We have built weirs for Mechelen, Merelbeke and Oudenaarde.

Interference-free operation

You want to have a water level as constant as possible and so our weirs must not fail you. We achieve this by giving crucial parts a double lining and in the case of a general defect to ensure that the safest level can be achieved by gravitational force.

The continuity of our team and our long experience in this field guarantees correct designs and weirs. Agidens has the capacity for fast construction of automated weirs that will operate optimally and will keep on working.

How can we help?

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