In a fast-evolving world, graphics technology has already proven its added value, and progress is constant. So it’s only logical that drawing up plans in 2D is no longer the norm. Civil engineering contractors have now transitioned to solutions for 3D building information modeling.

Digital twins

At Agidens Infra Automation, we go one step further. In cooperation with our established partners, we have made the BIM model dynamic and taken it to the next level. By integrating it into a gaming engine, we make the 3D BIM models move and apply dynamic factors ranging from snow, rain and sun position to moving vehicles and vessels. This means that the client always has a perfect view of the future project, in all weather conditions.

Thanks to this innovation, we can use the existing 3D models to

Offer additional insights

Create added value

Generate digital twins

This gives even better insight into all aspects of the design and operational management.

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