Inventory & Assessment

In an ideal world, installations wouldn’t need to be adjusted or improved over the years, but they do. However, the information provided in the original dossier is often either no longer available or not up to date. This means that it is often risky to start making adjustments in the study phase, not least because the starting point is missing, erroneous or incomplete. This jeopardizes a seamless and efficient outcome for adjustments or extensions.

CAE package

Backed by over 70 years’ experience, Agidens Infra Automation has acquired the expertise needed to overcome these obstacles and rectify any problems. Technical knowledge paired with a methodical approach results in technical documentation that is always up to date.

We use a CAE package for this (ePlan, with the addition of Pro Panel). This expertise exponentially increases critical success factors, as it significantly reduces the risk of starting off on the wrong foot – the key to a successful project.

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