Lifecycle Cost

What is the most important parameter in an investment decision? Undoubtedly, it’s the project purchase price. However, following the purchase or completion, many other costs inevitably arise. In some cases, these costs are greater than the investment itself. The solution is to assess the entire cost of the investment, including any demolition costs.

Agidens Infra Automation takes pride in its considerable expertise in determining life cycle costs. With 70 years’ experience in building, maintenance, management and operation, we have gained extensive knowledge in this area. Furthermore, thanks to our experience in DBFM contracts, we have formulated models to more accurately define the life cycle cost. These models are regularly fine-tuned on the basis of real-life experience.

Dubocalc system

We also have a great deal of experience with the Dubocalc system used by the Dutch Water Board to calculate sustainability. This technique is used to minimize ecological footprint. In this way, we also make our own contribution to socially and economically sustainable business, and reduce the life cycle cost, especially at the time of dismantling the installation.

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