E&I Engineering

Our E&I engineers design the entire electrical installation and calculate and determine each component within it. We also work closely with you on the design of the electrical enclosures. Building, testing and approval all take place in-house.

Advice and engineering

Agidens’ origins lie in E&I (Electrical and Instrumentation) services. We have already been designing, installing and maintaining electrical installations and networks for over 70 years. We provide a wide range of services from advice on customized solutions to maintenance. With our many years of experience and extensive knowledge of E&I, we’re the perfect choice to advise you on the even the most challenging automation projects. This includes feasibility studies, advice on the choice of materials or on setting up electrical networks, and E&I engineering.

Custom solutions

In our E&I engineering, we use CAD tools such as AutoCAD, ePlan or AutoPlant. This allows us to create models, drawings and documentation to make sure the desired result is instantly clear. Our knowledge of materials and our excellent relationships with suppliers mean we can provide cost-conscious, high-quality and quick implementation.

We provide customized E&I solutions based on your expectations and requirements. After the design work, we take care of delivery of materials, installation, testing and commissioning.

We design and install:

  • Electrical panels (construction at Agidens’ site)
  • Instrumentation (flow meters, pressure gauges etc.)
  • Cable networks
  • IT networks
  • Infrastructure for electrical installations (cable ducts etc.)

How can we help?

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