Electromechanical Engineering

Major infrastructure works don’t happen without moving parts. After all, the world is made up of far more than just computers and electricity.

At Agidens Infra Automation, with over 70 years’ experience, we have broad knowledge of the process behind electromechanical design and engineering. We specialize in controlling slow movements with high strength, energy and torque in order to move and stop heavy masses such as bridges, locks, pumps and Archimedes’ screws.

D&C, DFBM and E&C

In the design phase as well as in the engineering phase, we make the difference in D&C, DBFM and E&C contracts. Our unique experience in electromechanical engineering from both an electrical and a mechanical perspective means that Agidens Infra Automation, as your partner, can create real added value for your electromechanical engineering projects.

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