Oleohydraulic Engineering

Controlled movement of large masses, such as steel bridges, barrages, lock gates and cranes requires great force and skillful steering. These kinds of movements in automation projects are our core business, and with over 70 years’ experience, we can rely on extensive expertise.

We have repeat business and recommendations in the development of hydraulic plans and servo systems combined with PLC/SCADA solutions. We also have experience with the Flemish SB270, the Walloon LB400 and the Dutch NBD 6000 standards.

Hydraulics, steering or resource allocation

Thanks to a combination of experience, process knowledge and expertise in PLC/SCADA solutions, Agidens Infra Automation ensures a ‘Best for Project’ solution for any type of system. We will also gladly take care of integrated solutions (hydraulics, steering or resource allocation). This means you can leave full responsibility for safe control of the installations in our expert hands.

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