24/7 Support Service

Bridges, locks, tunnels and pumping stations are often operational round the clock. To ensure that civil engineering structures aren’t out of action for longer than necessary, Agidens Infra Automation offers a support service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to intervene in the case of unplanned downtime.

Civil engineering structures are critical installations for which availability and reliability are crucial. Many of these constructions also have complex control systems. Unplanned downtime cannot, however, be ruled out entirely. This is why more and more operators enter into service level agreements (SLAs), in which Agidens Infra Automation offers support in three areas.

Maintenance in accordance with ISO 15288

The framework of the maintenance contract is described in the SLA. In this area, we take a methodical approach based on ISO 15288.

  • Determining the maintenance strategy
  • Establishing checklists for preventive maintenance
  • Setting up maintenance and call procedures
  • Technical handling, reporting and suggestions for improvement.

Corrective maintenance with 24/7 support service

Even with preventive maintenance, unplanned faults cannot be ruled out. That’s why Agidens Infra Automation has a specialist intervention team at your disposal 24/7.

Telephone support
Remote support
  • Using a VPN connection
  • At the latest within 2 hours following the call
On-site support
  • At the latest within 4 hours following the call
  • Initial analysis by the calamity coordinator, possibly in combination with the information from the remote support. Escalation to software engineers and hardware engineers, or to hydraulics/mechanics engineers, depending on the initial analysis.
  • Additional back office support if the problem cannot be solved in the first instance.

Why have a maintenance contract with Agidens Infra Automation?

  • Besides an intervention team, we also offer a smart preventive maintenance plan in line with the principle ‘prevention is better than cure’.
  • Our support service is available 24/7 and responds within two hours via a remote connection (if available) or within four hours on site.
  • We provide a detailed log of interventions and all the work conducted. We also provide a history to enable the installation, or its preventive maintenance, to be fine-tuned.
  • The history can also serve as a source of information for corrective interventions, meaning faults or outages can be more quickly resolved.
  • The service team includes both project engineers and skilled maintenance staff. We therefore offer a unique combination of process and maintenance know-how.

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