Operations & Training

In an installation, a great deal of attention is devoted to ensuring that it is energy-efficient, safe and cost-effective. Building an installation is one thing – using it and keeping it operational is another. Once the machine is built comes the next step: operating the machine correctly and using it for its intended purpose. This is undoubtedly the most important stage in the machine’s life cycle.

Online training approach

A conventional project usually only offers training at the end of the project, with the associated training materials and instruction manual. The first machine users and maintenance staff receive comprehensive training. However, one challenge that is often overlooked is ensuring that the successors of these first users are properly trained too. Every time information is passed on, some quality is lost.

This is why Agidens Infra Automation has consciously opted for an online approach. We convey knowledge via videos, interactive training courses, augmented reality and virtual reality from the time of the installation’s build. In this way, no essential knowledge is lost, and valuable and meaningful training can be given even after the project team or those trained by the project team have left.

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