Preventive and corrective maintenance

Preventive and corrective maintenance

Keeping installations operational is a complex matter. Regular preventive maintenance reduces the chance of outages considerably, but the flip side is a high price tag. However, too little preventive maintenance is a false economy. If the installation ends up breaking down, the financial damage is often incalculable. So it’s all about striking the right balance.


With proven tools and methods such as FMECA and FTA, Agidens Infra Automation can help you find the right balance. This approach works best for forecasting preventive maintenance but of course there are many other possibilities.

24/7 availability

This is why we are available for corrective maintenance 24/7. Depending on the contract and type of installation, we provide either a remote service or on-site intervention.

The icing on the cake is our iWorld digital platform, which can be deployed to safely store all as-built data. This guarantees the availability of the data, and ensures that our maintenance technicians will always have access to the correct information.

Life cycle monitoring in line with IEC 12207

Documenting and monitoring maintenance work is a specialism in itself. We provide support for monitoring all facets of maintenance. This can include making an overview of licenses or checking worn parts in an installation. We also record any interventions we have made and migrate any improvements, instructions and training courses.

Advice on spares

Keeping spare parts is a costly business. We provide advice for drawing up a list of spare parts and ensure that the lists stay up to date so that there is always a clear overview of the availability of spare parts.

Our expertise

  • Setting up and checking specific checklists
  • Ordering materials
  • Verifying operation and functionality
  • Making new back-ups
  • Checking events, error messages, hard disk performance and utilization
  • Eliminating redundant log files
  • Visual checks of cables and connections
  • Inspecting boards and electrical plans
  • Checking batteries, filters, UPS status, status of field network connections etc.
  • Reporting on work and findings

If required, we can take over full responsibility for maintenance. In such cases, the technical, organizational and budgetary aspects of the maintenance are all taken care of by Agidens Infra Automation. We can also integrate our teams with the departments of other companies, creating a perfectly organized one-stop shop. A large on-site team will be on hand in the meantime to respond to any needs or questions.

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