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Energy Optimization

Reducing the ecological footprint is not just important for your company’s image: it also means that you have lower energy costs and a more environmentally friendly production process. With an energy audit, energy-saving opportunities are identified, but an energy audit is only really valuable when the insights obtained can also be translated into effective, energy-saving measures in a practical sense.

In some cases, those savings can be made even without investment. For example, these ‘quick wins’ may involve optimizing temperature settings and turning off the lights when they aren’t needed. In other cases, technical modifications or process changes are necessary, and this requires investment.

This is where Agidens Life Sciences makes a difference: our consultants and engineers not only identify opportunities but also provide assistance with the actual implementation.

What does energy optimization entail?

Backed by our technical expertise and hands-on experience in industry, we support you every step of the way, from defining the scope of the project and evaluating the technologies and processes, right through to the turnkey delivery of all optimizations.

  • Identifying and eliminating energy waste
  • Optimizing residual energy flows by increasing energy efficiency of facilities
  • Providing renewable/sustainable alternatives
  • Optimizing energy contracts

Total Cost of Ownership

Our goal for energy optimization is to keep the Total Cost of Ownership as low as possible without disrupting the logistics flow or the production process. The TCO is made up of the purchase price of tangible assets and their operating cost. Our consultants work with the different stakeholders to come to the right decisions throughout the facilities’ life cycles to optimize the TCO and environmental impact.

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