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OSIsoft PI System Integrator

OSIsoft’s PI System is one of the world’s most widely used technologies for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The PI system captures data from over 450 different interfaces, such as control systems, lab equipment, databases, manual entries and custom software, and transforms it into rich, real time insights that scientist, engineers and MS&T/Quality specialists can use to reduce costs, improve overall productivity and establish a single source of truth. As a vertical solution provider, and being close to the customer’s business process, Agidens holds a key position to provide the OSIsoft PI System.

Agidens helps its customers in improving processes by means of specialty advice, engineering, automation solutions and maintenance services. On top of the automation solutions, we provide consultancy and validation services, giving us more insight into the customer’s process. Both aspects can mutually strengthen each other into an integrated solution with added value for the customer. We bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge about vertical markets and digital technology that can help customers establish new aspirational goals for compliance, data integrity and operational excellence. As an integrator of the PI system, Agidens is in a prime position to translate the customers’ needs into actionable solutions on top of the PI System.

Osisoft PI system

Operational data from across the organisation

Every company uses a vast network of solutions. While each serves a specific purpose, it’s impossible for users to effectively navigate every system. The PI System was created to be vendor and system agnostic, enabling full connectivity and integration with any solution. With the PI System, users are provided with one single access point to gain rich insights using operational data from across the organisation.

OSIsoft has built its reputation on the PI system being an agnostic infrastructure for the access and transfer of data. Given this commitment, OSIsoft serves some of the largest companies in the world and most customers hold Enterprise Agreements for the PI System. OSIsoft collaborates with all major MES vendors. These vendors have standardized their connections, and all have interfaces or connectors to the PI system.

Osisoft - Agidens - PI System

Maximize system integrity

Comprehensive OSIsoft PI System monitoring and support from Agidens will maximize system integrity and confidence of the operations team. Connected operations, IIoT and the OT/IT convergence entails complex and often deeply integrated systems. After the initial installation, it is crucial to maintain integrity of operational applications and the health of your OSIsoft PI System to ensure data reliability and confidence of operations.

Remote monitoring and OSIsoft PI system support from Agidens provides operations with comprehensive monitoring and support through to data insight. Augment the engineering and IT departments with a support process that is backed by a solid understanding of data flow from the field device to the archive and onto visualizations and business analytics.

The service can be project or time based, but will always leverage qualified, OSIsoft-trained personnel for rapid problem solving and recommendations to maximize reliability of your OSIsoft PI System and related applications.

Key benefits

Agidens is your OSIsoft PI System integrator partner

Engineering and operational technology expertise in a wide variety of system integrations

24/7 service support
(on-site and remote)

Why Agidens?

  • Agidens’ design and build approach itself creates several benefits
    • Engineering, construction and validation by one team facilitates collaboration. The validation team thinks along during construction, thus saving time in the validation phase
    • A single point of contact for the client makes communication easy and fast
    • No liability conflicts between different contractors during the construction process
    • Agidens’ involvement in engineering allows early phase procurement of long term delivery items


  • We offer energy-saving and environmentally friendly installations and designs.
  • Agidens has an extensive validation department so that we are able to start up and validate the installation quicker.
  • We think along during the development of the process and use that knowledge in the design and construction of the installations.

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