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Independent monitoring systems

An independent monitoring system will keep your installations, buildings and materials under control. The system continuously acquires and archives data from various variables. Agidens Life Sciences offers a custom-made monitoring system to control the operations of a multitude of systems, such as energy and utilities, buildings, plants and cleanrooms, HVAC and freezers, refrigerators and incubators. An independent monitoring systems creates direct advantages for production control, quality assurance, maintenance control and energy management.

Based on the collected data it is possible to gather and archive large volumes of data, organize the data into reports, convert the real-time data in actionable information, delivering the information at the right time to the right people  (e.g. alarm handling) or generate comprehensive view of the operations.

Agidens Life Sciences for Monitoring Systems

  • Concept study
  • BOD (Basis Of Design)
  • Detailed engineering
  • Risk Analysis
  • Mechanical and electrical construction
  • Automation (PLC & SCADA/HMI)
  • Commissioning & Qualification
  • CE Certification
  • Complete Life Cycle Managment Services
  • Our monitoring systems are compatible with all current hardware, networks and software.
  • As a specialist in the Automation of GMP critical installation our engineers understand the strict applicable regulations (a.o. GMP guidelines, GAMP, and 21 CFR part 11).
  • Agidens performs A-Z delivery of the system, including qualification and maintenance of the system (life cycle).
  • The combination of our process knowhow, our automation skills and cGMP compliance expertise makes us unique as a supplier to the Life Sciences industry.
  • Agidens monitoring system is compatible with all your existing hardware, networks and software.
  • Agidens has established a specific pharma methodology A’GAMP containing general documentation and testing procedures in compliance with ASTM E2500 ensuring a flexible and thorough verification of the assigned requirements.

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